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Allergic to my toothpaste? Does anyone know much about aspirin allergy?


I hope this is the right place to post this. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything more than me about what to do about this?

I was diagnosed with contact allergies three years ago (Basalm of Peru and Propylene Glycol). There are only a few lotions, shampoos, and toothpastes that I can use. I've been having this awful scabbing a shredding/ really bad chapped lip problem for forever. So I've finally found one lip balm that is fragrance free/ beeswax free.

Then it hit me today. Sweet stars. Of course! I'm avoiding mint in my lip balm, but of course it's in my toothpaste too. Which is ironic because there's only one brand of toothpaste without Basalm of Peru. So I think I found some children's toothpaste (strawberry flavored) that I can use (without mint of basalm of peru). And of course I've gotten new other things, to make sure nothing has mint contaminated in it.

The thing is I googled mint allergy of course, and found out that it's related to basalm of peru (so it makes sense it's a problem for me), but also to aspirin allergy. And come to think of it I had a bad reaction to salycilic acid in lotion a few times (which is also related).

Can mint cause asthma symptoms if I'm allergic? I've always just watched what I use on my skin, but never thought to watch what I eat/take. Not sure what to do about this...

I sometimes start coughing after I eat, but I've always assumed it's reflux.


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I would say yes. I can't have peppermint toothpaste but can have spearmint. Not sure of the differnece but peppermint even peppermint sweets, tea and just the smell of peppermint puts me into an asthma attack.

As for the aspirin allergy what type of reactions are you havign to aspirin? I can't take anything with aspirin in as it gives me internal bleeding in my stomach which resolts in me having blood in my vomit and stools. It is a hard one to deal with as so many medicines have aspirin in as an inactive ingredient and I can't even take them.

Hope this helps you



Thanks so much for writing back!

It seemed so weird to react badly to toothpaste...I mean I've used it all my life. I can't use peppermint or spearmint.

And I was thinking maybe I should advoid eating mint too, as both spearmint and peppermint seem to bother the skin in and around my mouth, my eyes and nose get irritated and swell too...I think it's beacuse I brush my teeth and wash my face at the same time at night.

I also swear that I sneeze/get congested when this happens. But it just seemed odd. I looked back at my old allergy tests, but I was never tested for mint.

About the aspirin. So sorry you have that reaction. I seem to be able to take it, but when I did an internet search it said that mint was related to salycylic acid, which is esentially aspirin. Which I know I also can't use on my skin.



I know this is going to sound silly but have you tried using baby tooth paste. That is very mildly flavoured with mint but bnot enough to taste or smell. When I run out or can't buy my tooth-paste then I use the children strawberry ice-cream tooth-paste that I buy from tesco's. Tastes lovely and cleans my teeth just as godo as my tooth-paste and it has added flouride to help prevent cavities as well


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