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Possible Pneumonia?

Been to asthma nurse twice and doc, on 3 puffs symbicort AM & PM and 4 puffs ventolin during the day and usually night, been given predisolone and clarithymicin - as I may have an infection. But now also suffering from intermittent ear ache. I feel generally rubbish and very lethargic and doc now threating hospital, says poss pneumonia, feel like I have totally given into asthma which isn't like me, had 9 colds already this year and battled through. Anyone ever been like this before. It's been going on for over a fortnight! Thanks for any input.


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hi lynn21.

had chest infections one after another and lot of pred.took some shaking off and

getting back to normal not had pneumonia,

lots of sleep and rest.

hope you get better soon,

love Glynis xxx


aww pet i really feel for you. ive had a number of years where i seem to get every cold or flu thats doing the rounds which always affects my chest. its awful isnt it.make sure you are taking good care of yourself and try not to over do things until you feel 100% cos you will just end up back at the begining again x


Yes, we've been through this (son and me). One cold after another. It seems never ending and is very disheartening. However, it does eventually clear up. Hope you feel better soon.


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