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menstrual cycle and asthma

Hi all i just wandering if your asthma can get worse when your on your period.

I asking this as i was taken into hospital yesterday by ambulance, thankfully got out teatime today, the thing is could not think of anything which could have triggered the attack, had the usual checks xray, bloods etc and not got infection either. now i am at home but still dont feel to good SOB and wheezy when try do things, i will feel like i am just being a nuisance if i go back the hospital again, so could this episode just be down to it being that time of month.

thanks mo

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I can't say I have noticed the pattern myself but my old asthma nurse at the hospital in Devon always used to say that she hoped she wasn't my nurse when I got pregnant, I always put it down to being on meds not suitable for pregnancy but now you have me thinking whether she actually just thought I was a hormonal mare lol!!!


Hi, I know there can most definitely be a link between asthma and menstruation/hormones. I don't know what the link is though (sorry I'm not very helpful am I?), but I do remember that if you suffer from this, taking the oral contraceptive pill can help control your asthma.

Hopefully someone will come along and give you a more helpful answer xx


yes it does affect asthma! Mine does every single month, the trick is to increase inhalers or steriods about 7 days before you start and then stop once you finish to combat it. Although would mention it to your gp or asthma nurse so they can help you. If your asthma is already flared up when you go on, you will find you will often get an admission i normally do. Currently just trying to avoid one because a flare up came around same time.

You are not alone!


Hi thankyou for your replies, they have been very helpful. Plumie it is reassuring to know that i am not alone in this and it does effect others, i thought i might have just been clutching at straws thinking this could be a trigger, i felt like a fraud over hospital when one dr said i can see your struggling but are you sure it your asthma when you cant think of anything that as triggered it. I think i will go see gp on tuesday and mention it to him because thinking back last time i was at a 'n' e it was this time of month.

Nicky i sure your old asthma nurse did not think you were a hormonal mare, but you never know lol, and glitter you have been very useful just knowing that you and others take time out of your day to post a reply is very helpful in itself and shows that you care.


It affects me too, although I wasn't convinced as doctors don't seem to be interested. I kept peak flows over a couple of months and am convinced I'm right.

Its good to know I'm not completely crazy.



I remembered reading about this somewhere. I couldn't find that article, but these two have some information. One thing about pregnancy that my asthma doctor said was that about 1/3 of women get worse, 1/3 get better and a 1/3 stay the same. My doctor is also really healthy, but got really sick and went into kidney failure when she was pregnant. She said to me that you never know....that some women have health problems but actually are healthier when they're pregnant, and was just generally encouraging. Which was really really nice of her.

These are mostly on menstrual cycle and asthma though:



My symptoms are always significantly in sync with my cycle and difficult to manage.It is well documented that some females asthma can be affected by hormones. When i was pregnant i was one of the 1/3 who got worse and spent most of my pregnancy in hospital. Bambino was popped out 8 wks early as my useless body could protect him any longer. However on the flip side my cycle didnt return for6 mnths so had a break from the monthly dip. Chell.xx


Me too, I dip the week before. I wasn't sure however if it was directly related to hormones etc. or more related to the 'crazy woman syndrome' *whistles* I get that week, where I'm more stressed (which affects asthma) and eat too much junk (which I suspect could also affect asthma)!


I am the other way round, the only time my asthma seems to calm down is when I have my period! So about four or five days out of the mth & I get some relief from the astma!



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