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not getting any better


Hi i only got told in september that i have asthma, and was given seretide 250 inhaler and ventolin reliever inhaler. These did help to start with, however over the last 6 weeks i have been to a 'n' e 4 times and i feel like things are going downhill.

The first 3 visits i was given nebs and sent home after a few hours with a week course of prednisalone, but my last attack happened last friday whilst at work, this was very scary i was coughing that much that i went very red in the face and started vommiting, and very wheezy, works got paramedics out and i ended up in hospital over the weekend.

I am now on preds and antibiotics again. i have been to see Dr today and he has also put me on singulair 10mg tablets, he says these should help. I just hope he is right, i feel so down in the dumps. Has anyone else been on these tablets and do they help, i have read that they have bad side effects.

I would like to thank anyone for taking the time to read this and i sorry for whinging, but have no where else to turn.

thanks mo x

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Hi Mo, welcome.

There's quite a few of us who are relatively new to asthma/diagnosed as adults.

It's hard because it takes a while to understand the symptoms, and also to get the meds right.

The nice thing is we're not alone. There's lots of folk here with lots of experience and you can ask any questions you need to, or just let off steam if you need to.

Hope things improve soon.


hi there!! I was only diagnosed last year too and understand how hard it is to start with, and know it takes some time to find the drugs that work for you. I have been on singulair for about 5 months now and apart from a few wacky dreams i have had no side effects and it works a treat. Apart from the flair up i.m having at the mo, i went from using ventolin every day to needing it once or twice a month, it was amazing and i saw a result within one week of taking it. I know it doesn.t work for everyone tho. Good luck xxx ps sorry, using my phone so not typed very well!!



Yep, i been on singulair aka montelukast for years. They really do help.

Basically, they are an antihistamine. Not had any side effects.

Sounds like the docs dont have you controled yet.

I know how frightening the attacks are, especially when you have just been diagnosed.

Heck, everyone on these forums know how scary they are.

Try not to stress too much, your gp will refer you to a specialist at the hospital if he cant manage to get you controlled.

Thats pretty much how things go.

The doc may put you on a steroid inhaler to help, of he hasnt alteady done so yet.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Dont go anywhere without blue salbutamol inhaler



Hi there,

glad your over the worst and yes asthma is scary but you learn to deal with it as best you can so use all the resource to find out everything that's out there.

My daugher took seritide and singulair for about 6 months, apart from the good dreams(as she put it) they unfortunetly didn't do anything for her but everybody is different.

Good luck to you



Hi a big hug for you, as they say you can let off steam here and you are not judged, we all do it, a great group of people on this site, i hope you get sorted, it does take time, i'm still juggling i was diagnosed this month, it is scary, frightning, it will get you down, you will get relief and feel so grateful just to breath, i am still learning mine all started last sept with a wheez, take care, keep going back don't ever feel a nuisance, thats what they are there for, lots of love xxx


Hi Mo, I am sorry to read of your struggles. My welll controlled asthma has changed to severe & I have been so poorly. I do find that pred makes me depressed & I rang the asthma nurses on here about it. Keep taking the meds hun & remember you are not alone. Thinking of you.




hi, thanks to all of you for your kind words, and messages. It is very reassuring and good to hear from people who understand what i am going through, i am in a much better frame of mind, and will be able to cope with this better, thanks to lovely people like you.

mo x

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