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Just to say hi :-)

I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hi to all on here :-)

I was diagnosed with asthma in May of this year after a recurrent chest infection that wouldn't shift. I now have a preventer and reliever and although things have been getting better this week I have been put on a short course of pred to help with the breathing.

I have found it quite a difficult time over the last year, days off work, no energy etc but have tried to stay positive and enjoy the good days I have, which thankfully are getting more and more as time goes on. I look at this time as a learning curve for both myself and the doctor/nurse helping me to get the asthma under control.

I do get upset with the people that come out with, what sounds like the classic, 'but it's only asthma, loads of people have it'!! A lot of people where I work are very sympathetic but some are most definitely getting fed up of my absences etc but hey ho....thats the way of the world.

Well, will stop waffling now and go off and read all the posts on here xx

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Welcome to the board and hope you find it a positive experience, want a rant, or chat, please feel free to pm at any time.

Cheers Katina

PS I like the positive attitude that comes over in your post.


hi, welcome to the forum- you will find lots of info and support im sure x


Welcome Yorkielass,

You will make lots of friends and support on here and info to help you.

Welcome again love Glynis xxx


Aww thank you for the lovely replies, I look forward to joining in :-)

As for the positive attitude, it's there most of the time although I do lapse every so often lol. My dad always said 'if life deals you lemons, embrace it and make lemonade'.....


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