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experiences of taking your nebuliser abroad

i was just wondering what peoples experiences were of taking their nebs abroad as when i last took mine i was made to feel like a criminal both going and coming home. Leaving this country was the worst they took both me and my wife were searched and i was made to explain then show them exactly what it did the worst thing was i had a docters letter explaining!!

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hi i take my neb away with me all the time i pack it in one of the baggage bags i dont bring it in as hand luggage , having said that in all the years going abroad i am alaways fantastic when im away apart from the time i went to puerto rico in the canaries the heat nearly killed me , and the hills own fault cheap hoilday. we go to lanzarote now and the breeze is divine, not this year though , cant afford it so stayn in good owl ireland and will more than likely end up with chest infection from the rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to admit i have never had any problems taking my nebs through customs and i fly at least x2 a yr - i have a portaneb and 2 omron micro airs. The portaneb is always packed but the omrons come with me in hand luggage along with my epi-pens, insulin pens, various tablets and glucose monitor.

I also cant go through the scanner due to having an internal defibrillator and this is the only problem i have some up against wen flying as they make me feel very guilty but never any issues with meds.

You have done the right thing with having a drs letter but tbh i have never even shown it despite carrying my mini pharmacy!!

But the way i think about it is - wouldn't you feel re assured that they are checking everyone so thoroughly - i do!


Hello Andy,

I haven't had a problem flying with my neb. (I have a small Omron Microair whichruns on AA batteries) I advised them in advance and have had no realy queries so far.

Ryanair - initially said I can't use it on the plane, I suggested it would be cheaper for them to let me use it than divert the plane.

RAF - Borrow planes from companies, last one was Globespan (Alas no more) but on the second trip the did place me with the Aeromed team!

Going to investigate Finnair soon!

As long as you have a letter, inc fit to fly, you shouldn't have a problem.

Some problems may arise with nebs that have their own rechargeable batteries. Some types of battery aren't accepted on flights due to the possiblitiy of them leaking and attacking the aircraft.

Ask your neb manufacture for advise on this.

Also, NEVER put it in your main luggage! Have it to hand in your hand luggage. You may need it or the airport may eat your luggage or send it to Timbuctoo!



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