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Cough & Wheezing

Hi All,

I am not seeking medical advice, just interesting in others experiences.

I have recently developed a persistent cough that has made me very wheezy especially at night. The strange thing is that I don't usually wheeze a lot when my asthma plays up, and because it's a cough it all seems to be in my throat. Although my chest does ache.

I've been keeping an eye on my peak flow and last night it did drop considerably, but I still felt okay to be at home. It's like a limbo state where you're not bad enough to go to hospital but it's enough to upset your routines like sleeping nd housework etc

I'm feeling ok today, still coughing but not as wheezy - I will contact my GP on Monday if it persists.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

Thanks in advance.

Chickstar x

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My son had a hard hacking cough for a long time. Chest clear but 'tight'. GP and consultant were a bit at a loss, but after months and months of bad nights GP prescribed a cough med 'Pholcodine' which helped a lot. Cough did eventually clear up, altho it comes back when he's ill. But it's not as bad as it was.


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