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Weekend Away

Hi All,

I'm going away next weekend to visit family for Christmas, well it's actually my partner's family and it'll be the first time staying at their home. Thing is they have dogs and cats, and this obviously raises concerns for us both as I'm allergic to them, especially cats.

I've been to my GP as i've also been struck down with a cold which has resulted in a chest infection, so not feeling the best at the moment, but also asked my GP for advice for next weekend, to see if there was anything that could be done to make my stay easier. He wasn't very helpful at all, and didn't suggest anything to be quite frank and looked at me for answers, I asked him to supply a short course of pred which he was happy to do prescribe, but I was just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences or advice in a situation like this?

Have had really bad experiences with cats in the past and have avoided them like the plague for as long as possible, but because it's been so long since I've been around them for any length of time I'm going into it somewhat blind as well.

Sorry for the long post, would love to hear from anyone.

Hope all are doing as well as can in this bitter weather!

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Taking some antihistamines may lessen the severity of you reaction. I am allergic to cats/dogs also and have a dog. I take extra antihistamines every day due to this. be prepared, a nasal spray and eye drops would also be a good idea to take. Use them all regularly whilst your staying there. Do not let them sleep in the same place as you and make sure the places you are in, are hoovered regualrly.

If you feel the need to touch any of the animals always wash your hands after, do not touch your face.

If I end up ill and in hospital whilst away or after I am away my con likes to blame the pets!

Hope this helps, enjoy your stay!



I'm currently taking daily antihistamines and also nasal spray with all the other usual meds, and will do the things that you've suggested. I hope it doesn't get to the point of having to make a visit to the local hospital but if I do then when i get back my con would also blame the pets!

Thank you for your reply and advice, hope you are well.


Hi Chickstar,

I hope you have a good time and the asthma stays settled. I have stayed with people before where I have been allergic to their environment and I know it's very difficult but if things get too bad then you may need to call it quits and not stay in the house. I've been there and it's very difficult to manage without the other person feeling offended but it's not worth risking a huge asthma/allergic problem.

I think what I'm saying is just do be careful, don't persist for too long if things are getting dodgy with your breathing - been there.....and it wasn't pretty!

Good luck and I hope things are serene and you all have a lovely time.


*edit - had to correct spelling mistakes - sorry!


Hi Feejay,

Thanks for your reply. That's my main worry, just feeling really bad for spoiling other people's time, have had plenty of time to get used to being ill, but don't like when people around me worry and I absolutely hate drawing attention to myself - prefer to be sick in private, but needs must n'all that!

Think your right in saying that all I can do is basically as much as I can and not to push it. Just hoping that it goes ok.


Hi Chick

Do you take antihistamine tablets? If not it may well be worth investing in some from the chemist(check 1st with pharmacist to avoid contra-indications).

If you can take these start as soon as possible before you go and carry on til you are back home and all washing has been done. Also maybe a steroid nasal spray and allergy eye drops if either of those symptoms are an issue

Can your in laws ensure a room is pet free for you at have a safe haven(thats what my parents do)

when you get home wash everything on as high a temperature the clothes will allow.

Hope this helps a bit and goos luck


Hi All,

Just thought i'd post to let you all know how it went. Everything was fine, think I was panicking too much!

Had a few issues with the cats which I knew I would but all was controlled by my trusty Ventolin, albeit a heap load of it, but it got me through.

My partners family were all very accommodating and didn't make me feel awkward so I was so grateful for that.

Many thanks for all your advice and helpful tips, was much appreciated.

P.S This weather is awful, been off since Tuesday due to a concussion when my head hit the ice!! Never a dull moment!! Oh what fun!!!


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