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Periods and Asthma

Hi All,

I find that when I am due my period my asthma goes banana's! The day before I come on is awful and I practically have my Ventolin in my hand the whole time. My peak flow drops significantly and generally I struggle a lot through the duration of the period. My asthma does go back to its normal state of chaos once the period is over.

Can anyone else share any similar experiences?

I will of course discuss this with my doctor at my next review, but would like to be comforted by the fact that I'm not the only one!

From a very sore, grumpy and ever so wheezy Chickstar.

x x x

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Hi Chickstar,

Your not the only one, mine does not go haywire but I do notice a remarkable deteriation just before and my GP told me years ago that it is normal but that might just be me so I would still mention it next time you are there

Snowy x


Hi Chickstar,

You are not alone.

My asthma is always problematic but I do have a wheeze that appears on cue about a day before the onset of a period. It doesn't cause me huge problems. I do have a friend who is nearly always admitted to hospital with an accute attack every time her period starts. I believe that it is actually quite a common thing to happen albeit in varying forms of severity. I was once told it often causes asthma symptoms to first appear in teenage girls when they start their periods for the very first time.

I would suggest that you speak to your doctor about your symptoms and see what they think.

Good luck


Hi no you are not alone, I have 2 periods a months every 14-18 days!which is probably why my asthma never recovers. Oh the joy of being a woman!!

Hope you feel better soon


hi chickstar ,

I have the same problem.

yes its linked with a hormone change and a lot on

google about it.

we get double trouble with periods and Asthma flairups,

good luck love Glynis xxx


yes it's a known link, although many doctors don't acknowledge it. Some research and I know it's been mentioned on here before is to double up you inhaled steroid for two weeks, starting 7 days before your due to start.


if you enter hormones in top box you will get info up.

love glynisxxx

top right search box


Thank you all for your kind messages and advice.

It's good to know that a lot of us are in the same boat, even though it is annoying and uncomfortable.

I have a review next month so this is will be one on the list to ask about.

So much fun being an asthmatic 'women' with so many wonderful triggers!!!

Thanks again x x x


Hi chick star

I get this and my consultant gets me to up my preventer a week before and then drop it again a week after and it helps to hold my asthma.

You are not alone!

Feel free to pm.



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