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Peak flow meter?

Does anyone no what i should be able to blow when im blowing in to a peak flow meter? Im 5ft 7 and im roughly 9 and a half stone.

Im blowing in between 250 and 340.

ive only just been diagnosed with asthma so im still confused about it all.

And also even when im sat down at my computer i feel short of breath. But the blue inhaler doesnt seem to work? Maybe im taking it wrong

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Hi Stacy

I've recently been diagnosed myself and currently only using the blue inhaler.

From what I've been told on this site and from friends, lung capacity has a big affect on what you score on the peak flow meter. I've been told that swimming helps increase your lung capacity.

When I did my peak flow measurement the measure hardly moved and the doctor said it was bad. Can't have been that bad because he didn't rush me to hospital, lol.

Are you being referred?



This is where you can go to find your predicted peak flow. But it's only predicted. Some people with asthma are below their predicted, and some above (especially if you're sporty). As for me, my best peak flow is 50 above my predicted, but i usually hover around 20-30 above predicted.

Hope this helps.

If you're out of breath at your computer then i think you should go back to your asthma nurse and discuss it with them, especially if the reliever isn't working. They should check you inhaler technique, and maybe they would give you something extra to help.

Lou x


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