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Seretide side effects??

Hi, Im new on here and was looking for some advice please. My 8 year olds Asthma has suddenly taken a nose dive over the last three months and has been on prednisolone twice since xmas so Asthma nurse has changed her inhaler to Seretide. She has been on it about 5 weeks and since she started it she has been really congested and complaining that her right ear is blocked. Has anybody else expreienced any side effects or is it just coincidence?

To top it off her chest doesnt seem much better and her review is not till next week (I called surgery today but Asthma nurse on annual leave so cant bring appt forward.)

Any response would be gratefully received as all this stuff just goes round and round in my head and it's nice to have somewhere to vent it!!

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Inflammation of the sinuses is a common side-effect of Seretide (by ""common"", they mean is has been reported to affect around 1 in 10 users) - it may be worth making a GP appointment if your child is in some discomfort and the asthma nurse is unavailable. The information leaflet provided with the inhaler lists the side effects, so it would be worth taking that with you.


Welcome first of all,

You will find plenty of support and information here. There are people with all levels of asthma and different experiences here, hence you can find answers to most questions you may have. There is the Parents and carers section too.

Wonder why the leaflet for Seretide lists inflammation of the sinuses Peaksteve mentions under common side-effects amongst several others when used for COPD but not asthma?


Hi Jenny, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your little girl. Me and my son have been on Seretide for years now and no side effects. But everyone is different. Might be a good idea to see GP rather than wait for asthma nurse. Hope things improve.


Hi all,

Thank you for your replies I really do appreciate any kind of advice as sometimes I feel like everythings on my shoulders and I dont always know the answers! As a mum you feel like you should instinctively know whats best but I get such conflicting advice from GP's / Asthma nurses that I sometimes come out more confused than when I went in!

I thought the same regarding the seretide leaflet, why does it only say COPD sufferers can suffer congestion but not Asthmatics??! Seems odd.

I went to see a GP today as my daughter got sent home as her ear is now really sore, no infection thankfully as she has had enough medicine to sink a ship recently.

I mentioned my concerns regarding the seretide and she was very nice but I think she was quite a young doctor and keep looking in her reference book every 5 mins and couldnt give me answer other than stop seretide and out her on a stronger dose brown inhaler.

I think im going to hold on making any decisions till i see asthma nurse on weds as she is now coming down with a cold and im worried if i start chopping and changing her inhalers whilst her chest is already wheezy she may get worse.what do you think?

Sorry for long post - once i start typing it just keeps coming!!


Hi Jenny (again). At least you know your daughter hasnt got an infection. The congestion could be a coincidence. Did it start as a cold? My son (now 14) used to get cold after cold and it was eventually diagnosed as rhinitis (and fairly successfully treated with Avamys nasal spray). Rhinitis is often linked with asthma.

It might be worth waiting to see the asthma nurse on Wed, see what she thinks (re. changing inhalers). Personally I have found Seretide excellent and I have been on a lot of different inhalers. The stronger brown inhaler would take a while to kick in anyway so a few more days wont hurt.


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