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Hi, I am relatively newly diagnosed. i went to a walk-in centre on Easter Sunday and was put on a nebuliser, prescribed steroids and antibiotics. Today, Tuesday, I rang my surgery and cannot get an appointment with a nurse or GP this week. I am back at work next week and in a very difficult employment market where jobs are being shedded by the hundred and so dare not take time off work.

I had rung Asthma UK and found the nurse very helpful, knowledgeable and patient but she did advise me to make an appointment at my usual surgery fairly soon and explained why this is important.

Should I have been more insistent on an appointment or is this the norm?

Thank you for reading, any response gratefully received,


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Hi Caramac and welcome!

Sorry to hear your Easter included asthma issues.

I get the impression that unless you specifically ask for an emergency appt they won't offer it. My surgery does usually have appts a bit quicker than this but that's only because luckily I live in an area that seems to have a lot of GPs - it still tends to take about the same time as you've said if I want to see the good GP who knows me and listens.

I'd ring again and say you want an emergency appt this week. If they say no, tell them that the AUK nurse said you needed one this week and repeat what she said about why it's important. I didn't have much trouble getting an emergency appt when I needed it for something else at my surgery, I think they just don't tend to suggest them but I would say if you've been advised to see someone this week and there are no normal appts then this is what you should do. (others on here I think have sometimes been told by receptionists an emergency appt is only for 'real' emergencies which is clearly rubbish - what do the receptionists think A&E is for?!)

Good luck, hope you do get an appt soon and they have some helpful suggestions!


Thanks Philomena,

I will call the surgery again and do as you suggest,


Hi Carole

Hi, while you are waiting for your medication just be aware that Asthma is controlable naturally. Become aware of your breathing and try to reduce the quantity of your breathing, this will reduce your symptoms. If you asthma starts to come at you just take five minutes and relax. Also do not eat large meals when your asthma is bad.

If you need any more advice do feel free to contact me, my e-mail address is <email address removed by passing moderator>

Keep Well



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