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Scan my chest


i'm new to the forum. I currently have ashma which i have been having for a very long while. There have been times when it has gotten worse where it have cought a small infection in my chest resulting in my coughs to hurt in my chest. I have been prescribed antiboitics to deal with that which works.

Currently, i have a chesty cough, my flem is white and i cough about 5-10 times aday now. I am also using the brown and blue inhalers and a green inhaler called Serevent Accuhaler which has reduced my coughing to 5-10 times a day which before was 10 - 15. Everytime i breath in i feel my chests get tighter and results in a very small pain. When i cough, i also do feel a slight pain where i feel that my chest gets smaller. It is also not tickly.

I was just wondering, is it possible for me to go to my GP to arrange an appointment to go to my local hospital where i can scan my chest to see how tight it really is?? Is there technology that can do this?



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I think you should go and see your GP if you are worried. A scan will not show how tight your chest is, it will show abnormalities or changes but you can't ""see tightness"" drs can hear it or at least they can hear you are moving air around or you are wheezy.


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