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Hi, I am new to this forum, so if this is common please accept my appologies, I had a medical at work and the spiromiter test showed that i had problems, i was told it could be copd and was given a letter to give to my gp. my gp arranged for another set of tests before and after taking sabutimol it showed a very slight improvment, and so my gp said it was asthma. I have since had another test at work after taking a preventer for 3 weeks and the improvment is still very small in comparison with the first test. The nurse at work said she would expect more of an improvment and so i have to see the company doctor again. does anyone know how much of an improvment i should see if it is asthma. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Increase in peak flow readings

Like you I was diagnosed with asthma, after a cancer scare rather than COPD. I started on the flixotide inhaler which did show an increase in my peak flow readings and cleared my tubes to a certain extent, but still short of breath, then doubled flixotide dose after 6 weeks, again an increase in peak flow meter readings, but short of breath (bit of a theme here!). Since starting all of this in September 08 I'm now on Seretide two puffs twice a day, tubes are clearer at times, but still very short of breath. If I'm measured on peak flow readings it's a considerable improvement, approx. 20% up but on lifestyle and shortness of breath I'm not convinced I'm making any progress - the steriods have also meant that I've put on over a stone! Sorry if this sounds negative but it is my experience so far.



Hi. As you will see from the forum people's asthma varies in all sorts of ways. It may be that you just haven't yet found the inhaler that helps you. When I was first diagnosed it took a few different drugs before we found the one that seemed best. For some people its a nightmare trying to find a solution but for others its not too bad. All I can say is that it is really worth persevering until you find the right thing for you. And yes, I do get breathless and have bad days but I also swim half a mile every other day, go to the gym and have a full-time job- your lifestyle isn't necessarily going to be devastated. (though I realise that for the unlucky ones it can be.)

Keep trying to find the solution for you and go well.


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