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Server pain in bottom right lung


When i go running i get a sharp strong pain in the bottom of my right lung casuing me to hunch over and i really struggle breathing.

I do have asthma but ventilin doesnt ease it and it takes about 20mins for it to subside.

I dont think its a stich as its a complete different pain, it feels as though a knife is being dug in my chest. I dont get it every time i run, wasnt sure if it was to do with the cold?

Im not unfit and i horse ride and run during the week but would like to know what this problem could be and any solutions!


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Go and see your doctor. I had this pain once and it ended up I had a very small blood clot on my lung. It wasn't large enough to course any harm but was very uncomfortable when I did anything like running. It was treated with blood busting meds in hospital and I was only in hospital for a few days and I ended up havign to be put on a maternity ward as it was only a month after having my daughter so I was still under there care. Very funny expaining to the other ladies why I was there and not the fact that I had resently had a baby.


Please go get checked out,as I also had a clot on my lungs,they gave me injections so clear it.

Best to be on the safe side but might not be one .hope you go on ok xxx


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