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i was took bad one evening, my daughter found me slumped over the table and called 999.

the paramedic was really good, my blood sugar was dangerously low amd so was my oxygen levels.

the paramedic stayed with me for about 2 hours until i was o.k, he advised i go to my doctors, which i did the next day,

my peak flow was low, so he put me on ventolin inhaler and slo-phyllin capsules, 2 a day.

which have helped a lot,

problen is he never said he wanted to see me again for a check up, and he never mentioned why my blood sugar had gone so low.

where do i stand and what do i do, as i run out of these tablets next week.

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Make an appointment and take your concerns to your GP.


I would phone your doctors up and ask the receptionist if she can relay your message to your doctor and phone you back.If you have asthma or diabetic the doctor might like to see you or to talk to you over the phone.My doctor is lovely and said he will see me anytime or talk to me over the phone if its about asthma. take care xxx


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