Felt really well today !!!!

I was so relieved today, i felt almost back to normal , it felt brilliant, everyone at work commented how bubbly i was and how great i looked, confused because i havent done anything different, havent felt like this in months. I know i will have good and bad days, i expect that but was really shocked how good i felt, maybe the blue inhaler is working after nearly 3 weeks, i hope so, any body have a option on why, sorry just had to share this with u.

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  • Congratulations; lets hope the good days continue and less of the not so good. Yay! :D

  • I get good and bad days too. It's lovely when you have a good day and can do something (like walk up a steep road) without huffing and puffing. One of the problems with asthma is that it is so variable - that makes it hard to treat and difficult for non asthmatics to understand.

  • Oh that is great news, I am so pleased for you

  • Glad you had a good day rocky.Hope a great start for the rest of the year xxx

  • so pleased for u, keep it up, hope u stay well x

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