I have kids with both asthma and food/nut allergies and I have to carry a bottle of antihistamine everywhere we go, I am therefore supporting this cause that another mum with nut allergic child has set up. If use antihistamine syrup for your child or yourself or even if you just think this is a good idea and would like to support it, please sign this petition!!....every signature counts....Thank You!!!!! id=178 (link to petition)!/pages/Belfa... ngdom/Petition-for-Piriton-Syrup-5-ml-Sachets-Anti histamines/414855847575?ref=ts (link to facebook page)

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  • I signed up. My daugter takes this for her hayfever as it is the only thing that works and when her excema is really bad it also helps reduce down the irriation from the excema nd also helps conter act the dairy that has been given her through cross contamintion of people not being careful enough when dealing with her food. So far this week has been the best week for her and I know who coursed the cross contamination know but it is too late to do anything about it

  • Thanks for signing x

  • Thank you for signing x

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