Unable to breathe through my nose

I have fairly mild asthma thankfully but my main problem is my breathing. I really struggle to breathe through my nose and am constantly breathing through my mouth. I have been doing this for years and I didn't even realise it was wrong to do so until my o/h pointed out that the reason my snoring was so bad was that I wasn't breathing properly.

I am getting extremely paranoid about it and if I am with people i am desperately trying to breathe properly but then panic and have to open my mouth.

will probably mention this at my next asthma review but any advice would be great.

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  • my cousin has the same problem and with her it is due to rhinitis?

  • I had the same problem for a long time until I started using beconase. There is also the small problem stemming from having my nose broken as a youngster but thats another story

  • Thanks, I will google both and see whether beconase will help or if its rhinitis!

  • I have had the same problem for years and I use sudafed tablets when it gets bad, and benadryl antihistamine tablets. It costs a fortune, though, so if you can get similar from your GP (especially if you have a prepayment certificate) it could kinder to your purse!

  • Thanks for the tip! Already spending a fortune on my cats at the moment so a pre-payment might be a good idea!

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