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tight chest

hi im new to this forum and at my wits end with what i should do next with my 11 year old son. He has bad asthma on ventolin symbicort 200/6 3 puffs morning and night, montelucast 10mg and Slophyllin 250mg. all this seems alot of meds but my son is still complaining of very tight chest. I dont want to waste drs time but should i take him to see him. any advice greatly appreciated. thanks

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Its always better safe than sorry with kids -Please take your son in yr Gp would prefer to see him and prevent any more deterioration than to leave it and he might need to go to hospital.

Let us know how how he goes.


Hi Mandy,

Welcome to Asthma UK; I'm sorry that you and your son are struggling so much with his asthma at the moment. This is a great place to share experiences of different aspects of asthma and its treatment and to give and get support from other parents and asthmatics.

There isn't a lot that any of us can do to advise you on whether you should take your son back to the doctor, though. It wouldn't be safe or appropriate for any of us to give you specific medical advice, given that we can't see your son and we don't have access to his medical history. Please see the Terms and Conditions of use of the board for more information on more appropriate sources of advice if your son is unwell.

If in doubt, please always seek urgent medical advice, whether by taking your son to see your GP, ringing the out of hours service or NHS Direct, or by dialling 999. Asthma can deteriorate very quickly and can be life-threatening, so it is always better to stay on the side of safety.

Hope he feels better soon

Take care

Em H

(Forum moderator)


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