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Dehumidifiers - are they useful?

Hey everyone! Hope you all are well ;-)

I was diagnosed six months ago with allergic asthma, according to my GP my airways are extremely sensitive to just about everything (but the worst triggers being pet dander and dust mites). I'm currently taking the brown, green, blue inhalers and anti-histamines, but am trying to find practical ways to improve the quality of air in my home. I have already followed all the advice about changing my bedding, damp-dusting, hoovering etc etc

I have a HEPA air filter in place, but I'm wondering if I might benefit from having a dehumidifier as my lungs do seem to react to damp conditions and unfortunately my property does have a bit of a damp problem - which I'm getting onto the landlord to sort out. Does anyone else have experience of dehumdifiers and have they found them to improve things? and if so, can you recommend one?

Thanks so much in advance, Chiara xx

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They are quite good at helping with damp housing.

choose carefully and make sure it is big enough for the whole house.

I had one for a time before I had new windows and it certainly helped with keeping down mould etc. Mine was very old and not sure if it worked by the time I sent it back to Mum's Garage!



Thanks Kate,

Good to know they are useful as I'm on a limited wage and didn't want to waste money if its not worth it. Keeping on top of the mould is a definite problem, as I've been told to use hot water and bleach to clean it off then dry the surface thoroughly - but bleach triggers off my asthma as well!

Ho-hum I'll let you all know how things go with the de-humidifier.

Chiara xx


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