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Hey folks, hope everyone is well ;-)

I have a bit of a conundrum I need help with. My current vacuum cleaner has just died on me and i need to replace it. However I am finding it virtually impossible to sift through the minefield of reviews on vacuum cleaners and find one that does what I would like it to.

Here is what I want:

A powerful vacuum cleaner that picks up pet hair and dirt, but that is allergy friendly as every time I hoover I end up having problems with my asthma. Alot of the the internet searches I have done seem to suggest either a dyson or miele - but I don't want to spend alot of money if 6 months down the line it becomes about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

I bought a Vax pet/allergy hoover about 6 months ago to replace my current one, and i've been severely disappointed with it - its just not powerful enough to pick up pet hair even if it doesnt trigger off the old asthma.

any recommendations?

thanks in advance, Chiara xx

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  • Hi Chiara,

    I have a new Dyson ball, it is easy to move around (always a plus) and seems to clean well. Dyson also do an insurance where they will fix or replace the vaccume should it break (this has been usful on a previous dyson cleaner)

    i can not comment on miele cleaners sorry.

    hope your hunt for a new vac is successful.

  • Go for Dyson.

    They are guaranteed for five years - free, no silly extended waranty.

    I have had a free new head and cyclone chamber bit already on mine - 18 months old. Cyclone chamber got clogged with flea powder.... another story.

    After that they can fix it for around £60 if it goes wrong. still cheaper than a new one.

  • Thanks Girls, I was a bit hesitant to buy a dyson because a friend kept complaining about them after having one years and years ago, but I've spent all yesterday reading online reviews by people who own them...and decided to go for the Dyson DC14 Animal. It doesn't have the ball in this model, but it is apparantly a very powerful hoover for picking up pet hair and comes with anti-allergy filters and is approved as being asthma friendly. A lot of money to pay out for a vacuum cleaner I guess - but I'm sick of all the cat hair everywhere!!

    Thanks for your help xxxx

  • I've had Dysons for about 15 years. Wouldn't have anything else now. Great filtration system, and when emptying, the stuff just tips straight into the dustbin with minimal dust.

    Would definitely recommend them.

  • Well my new dyson arrived today! All I can say is wow I can't believe how much stuff it got out of my carpets! but the plus side was i didn't end up having an asthma attack after hoovering - yay!!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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