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Hi *waves* just seeing whos around still?

Hi all, Im kinda new here i guess, well i've not been on in a few years so think that counts as new! I used to be a regular poster on here and have only just caught up with some old friends via facebook.

I used the name ballerina. or balletdancer sometimes....but now im justgil :)

Im 28yrs old, with severe brittle asthma, COAD and just altogether norty lungs!

I spend majority of my time in costa in ITU and generally only get around 3-4wks out. Im on all usual asthma drugs...Nebs, S/C Bricanyl, home o2 24/7. I also have Hickman line in which is my 'little life saver' as i no longer able to get cannulas in, due to scaring.

Im now just withering on, hoping to meet old and new faces :)

love gil xxx

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Hi gil, I am a newbie, pleased to meet you. My well controlled asthma of sixteen years has turned severe just recently. I look forward to talking to you : )




Hi GIl

I'm Geina, I pop in and out when I remember to sign in! I do come and read everyday though! I'm a SAHM to 3 terrors. My asthma is relatively well controlled at the moment.

Geina x


Hi Gil, Welcome back, sorry to hear your asthma is so troublesome. Me and my 13yr old son both have naughty lungs too!! I find the forum really useful and made some nice friends. xx


hi Justgil

Sorry your going through so much with the asthma.

I just saw your mail and thouht i would say hello.

Take care



Thanks for the welcome :) Look forward to chatting more to you all. xxx


Welcome back, the more the merrier.

My name is Mark and am aged 39.

Diagnosed as asthmatic as a child, very up and down over the years but am suffering a fair bit recently.

Always up for a chat with anybody either on here or facebook.




if anyone wants to add, feel free. Im Gillian Brown on FB xxx


Welcome back jil,

not sure if met you before but nive to get to know you,

love Glynis xxxx


Hello welcome to asthma uk :)


Hey Gill,

I'm Vicky. Chatted to you on facebook a few times :)



Hi Gill,

I'm new to the forum; welcome back :D. I'll see if I can find you on facebook! I'm not very good with that! If anyone wants to add me I'm Emma Lewis and have a blue classic mini as my profile pic! Lol thats my third baby after my 2 monsters!!!

Emma x


hi Gill

welcome back i remeber you and im still here !!!things have got worse over the last few yrs lung wise fro me but im still fighting it day by day. take care and hope u are home atmxx


Hi Gil,

Welcome back,

erm, not that it really sounds quite right. But you know what i mean :)



Nice to meet you

Hi Gill. I'm new here too (actually, I'm new everywhere as this is the first time I've joined an online group of any kind - maybe when I'm brave enough I'll get onto facebook!)

Your asthma sounds very difficult to deal with and makes me feel that my problems are very minor in comparison. I only hope that i cope with mine as positively as you do.

Love, Annista


Helloooo! Welcome back! XXX





Hi Gil,

Welcome back to AUK forum.


Hi i'm tracey u sound bit like me i'm 44 brittle asthma live in and out of hospital Ruh bath and Rbh London


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