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What a load of nonsense

Hi I am new to all this but not asthma, I was diagnosed at 18 months old so I have had it for 44 years.

I have recently got worse and have had a lot of time of work and as a temp worker I am never going to get a full time job again as too much time off. During the periods when I am fine I can work ok. When I am bad I can't even get to the toilet without having to take a break.Of course I have not inflicted this on myself by being an addict or someone who ( I will admit this did smoke but gave up 20 years ago) still smokes so makes things worse so I don't get any help during these periods. So the family goes without because I am ill this seems totally unfair and a load of nonsense. Even the steriods they give you don't help long term as these cause just as many problems as they solve. I know when I finish my present contract I will be on JSA not ESA as I will be deemed fit for work which I agree with but help me when I am ill as well. Has anybody got any suggestions as to any help


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I know how you feel

I'm so lucky my asthma has got better lately. I got forced out of my last job, they could have easily helped but didn't, I got JSA and advised by docs to try working elsewhere as I'd likely improve. OK they were right - but improvement didn't happen overnight, could have done with 6 months off to get back on my feet properly (not much to ask for someone that has always worked).

Like you, I currently do contract work and have now improved to the point where I feel well enough to work full time. If your family are like mine, they'd rather go without than see you ill - it does grind you down though.

Do you claim SSP when you're ill? Not much but better than nothing, also may be worth speaking to your GP/asthma nurse see what they say, see if they can try different treatment plus give AUK helpline a ring - they're great for advice!

There are 2 pubs near me - heavily populated daily with those 'too ill' to work - how do they manage it?!?!?!


Re: Special thanks

Half thinking of temp work myself. Everything is suddenly getting more expensive no matter where you shop. Have to say last time I had JSA, the chap I saw most weeks had asthma as a child and understood when I said it was bothering me.

Never got a job in all the time I was signing on. Only one job interview. Reached short list of 30 from 300 applicants - NHS, which I'd been deeply unhappy working in, in the past - surprise, surprise, didn't get the job. PS never once did they suggest any other help. Asked about over-50s re-training but apparently I didn't meet the spec. as already had 'useable' qualifications. Oh yeah?


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