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forgetting inhalers rant

3 weeks relatively stable and then...I wake up feeling like this.

Mucusy, nelly sitting on my chest and a lot of coughing.

Have taken my inhalers, peak flow is ok.

And its just dawned on me, I forgot to take my fostair yesterday and that i have run out of antihistamines.

feeling ill and like an absolute idiot.

Found what keeps me stable and im not taking it.

grr stupid forgetfulness!!!

Sorry about the rant im rather annoyed with myself.

hope you are all breathing easy

getting tired x

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I went on holiday for a week in wales and on the first morning I ran out of my salmeterol inhaler which works wonders for me and so spent the whole week having to be careful or trying not to be irritating with wheezing too loud! Was so annoyed I forgot to check I had enough a's I'm normally organized about that! I know how you feel. :) hope you feel better soon


Been there, done that. Hoping you feel better a.s.a.p.


feeling better today well im three doses of medication up on yesterday

good thing too as im back at school...

was very challenging walking up the hill today though.


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