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Not nice but almost funny! MOAN ALERT!!

Hi everyone

Not posted for a while. Been having a bit of bad luck recently!

Was admitted to costa with an asthma attack only to be discharged with shingles!!

I have no idea where i got it from as i didnt go out for a few days before i was admitted as i was too poorly! Im totally baffled as i havnt been anywhere to catch it!!

Its not nice (although not as bad as i though it was gonna be) and i have had to be at home since discharge on wed so my poor kiddies have not been able to go out with me for half term! Its just added to the tiredness i usually get after a costa admission which some of you will understand.

I feel a bit sad as i have missed out on half term with kids although bryana has been with friends and they are with their dad this weekend so i not seen them since friday although they will be back tonite.

To make things worse i woke up this morning and my chest, throat and ears are really sore and ive started sneezing!

Well they do say things come along in 3's but i'd rather have a well spell!

Sorry for the moan guys i dont do it that often but needs must.!


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Hi Kymmii!

sorry you have been in hossie again. don't worry about your moan!

Shingles is caused by the dormant chicken pox virus in your system - you will have had it as a child. at monents of stress such as being ill the virus can be reactivated in your system and emerge ( litterally!!) as shingles. It is not caught ( I don't think!) from anyone.

I had shingles emerge when I got out of hospital once - the itching started when in hospital.

try aloe vera gel for relief.

Take care




Hi Kymmii,

I`ve had shingles twice and sympathise with you, it`s really awful isn`t it?

Hope you feel better soon,

Love MaryMoo xx


Kate Moss is indeed correct - you can't catch shingles, it's a re-activation of the virus that you will have been carrying around with you ever since you originally suffered with chickenpox. It can be triggered by stress, either physical or psychological - or can sometimes just come out of the blue.

Either way, it's still really sore and uncomfortable - hope you recover soon!



Seems like we're both moaning at the moment. Sorry to hear about your shingles. I know what it's like and really do appreciate how you must be feeling.

I hope you are well soon, particularly as you seem to be getting everything right now.



Thanks for all your replies.

I am feeling a lot better now.

The shingles have cleared up now although i have been left with a red mark which i have been told may or may not go.

My cold has died off but has left me with a really nasty cough(as usual) but am seeing cons on monday so will see what she says.

Keep well everyone



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