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Weird/different attack

Well i had another attack today but it was different and rather weird - just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas?

I was doing pe and got quite wheezy but nothing unusual. I went to the medical room and the attack continued for about an hour then suddenly got worse. They called an ambulance and by the time they arrived i wasn't in such a fan state. They did the normal nebs and o2 but by the time i was in the ambulance and on the way to hospital i really wasn't doing too well i think at one point my sats were mid 80's. I was still in a bit of a state in recus but after about an hour and a half more of nebs and some IV hydro i seemed to make quite a big turn around.

Normally the attack doesn't get as bad (sats rarely get this low) and it lasts a lot longer. So really not sure what happened today.

Thanks in advance

Annie xxx

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i have had an attack like that before they are quite scary arent they. Just letting you know you not alone. Make sure you get a few days rest as it wil have really tired your body out.



Perhaps you should give PE/Games a miss for a while, especially now we are going into the autumn and there are a lot of colds about. Hope you feel better soon. xx


Hiya anzharry,

attacks can be so different every time.

I usually don't wheeze but can be short of breath that suddenly turns into an attack. In June I just felt ""weird"" and was talking in a confused way(so my friends said) and then went into an attack, but the oxygen levels had dropped 1st.

Usually I start with a coughing fit but it's never guaranteed.

Hope you'll feel better soon.

Lots of love Lydia x


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