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County trials, strong short term reliever

I've been picked by my rugby team as the representitve for the u15 girls county rugby trials and it's a really big thing for me. Our squad has like 25 girls and you can only have 1 girl try out, so its quite a big thing for me! When my coach asked me i said i probably couldn't, the state of my asthma has left me struggling with day to day thing so this seemed impossible but its such a big thing for me. Does anyone know of any medication which you can go on short term and will give you relief. I have pred and use it as and when needed (doctors gave up on me!) but im really reluctant to use unless desperate and especially when i probably won't actually need it (not when during the trials but to start off with), also will it work even when doing something that brings on you asthma anyway. I would go to the doctors but i feel i've wasted enough of there time recently, to just ask about something!

Yes i have been referred to a consultant but even as an urgent case the soonest they could do is 2 months the trials are september 12th! I have preventers, the sertide and it's 125 but becuase of my age the GP said she can't do anything at all and i am of maximum doese!

Thanks Annie

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Glad you are going for Rugby trials! Great game!

I would strongly suggest that a good long term preventer and protector would be much more suitable than a strong reliever. ( strong relievers can have side effects!)

Preventers would stop or reduce the need for a reliever. It is better to prevent the asthma than to treat where possible.

What strength Seretide are you on? There may be room for this to be increased but please ask your GP first. There may be some other add on preventers too. Theophyllines may help?? Ask about them too. And may help you avoid using prednisolone too! (regular use of pred is not good for the body!)

The last thing you need is to use lots of reliever when you are doing sport as both sport and the reliever will increase your heart rate, sport is fine but too much reliever etc may make you feel uncomfortable. with inhaled relievers, there is ventolin and bricanyl but these only come in one strength. (I think, the powder ventolin may be different)

Do you see a consultant at a hospital? If not, ask for a referal as they will be able to help with getting the right combination that will suit you.

Please don't feel you are wasting your GPs time - they are there to help you get control of your asthma.

Hope this helps




Go to your GP and explain the situation, they do listen if you tell them you want to be more active, but can't.

The seretide you are on isn't the maximum you can have, you'r over 12, so seretide 250 2puffs twice a day is acceptable, you can try that, but the research suggests an add-on medication is likely to be more effective, so Singulair/Accolate (leukatrine modifiers), Theophylline would work well for you perhaps, reading your post, but hard to get prescribed, and alternatives tried first.

Also something simple, but worth a try, use your seretide through a space, it's found to increase the amount of medication that reaches the lungs by a considerable margin.

Hope you get things sorted soon, and good luck with the try out.



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