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Basically I've had a crap couple of days and as well as being very wheezy, I'm coughing a LOT which for me really isn't usual!

I've had lots of coughing fits today and at first they sound really dry and typically asthmatic but once I've been coughing for a like a minute suddenly I get loads of mucus coming up and they sounds quite wet. So obviously this is the problem, but I've tried to do some physio (which I've been taught) but it seems to deep/dry to bring up and the only way it's coming up is when I keep on coughing. Also after one particularly bad coughing fit I was sick, and had a bad nosebleed.

Is there anything I can do, to bring up the mucus to stop these coughing fits because there driving me mad!!!!



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Sorry can't help but I do sympathise with the coughing, I've never coughed until I was sick before this week either and it's horrible. Have you seen your GP about the flare up you're having? If not maybe you ought to?


one thing i find helps to clear the lungs is to put sea or salt water in a nebuliser. if you dont use a neb, you could try heating it up in a bowl, and then breathing it in with a towel over your head. though this is not suitable for everybody as some people find that if they have too much humidity in the air they breathe, it is a trigger. i hope you improve soon.



I would speak to your dr, physio or pharmacist regarding this.they will have several reccomendations ... I would never reccomend salt water or sea water in a neb as some people can be very sensitive to this and can trigger an asthma attack never mind an increase in symptoms . The saline or salt water used by hospitals are in a special formula and safer to use !!!!!


Hi Annie, sorry to hear your having a rough time but I completely know how your feeling. I've had a constant cough for over 6 weeks now and it's exhausting!

The only thing that helps me ATM is Herbal Mucus Cavonia (spelt wrong I know but it is 3.19am!) it's the new one and it really helps settle the cough down abit and move the mucus.

Hope this helps and that your feeling better soon

Jill xx


i do know what its like, coughing all the time i was wrecked couldnt sleep spent every night awake coughing. I only got diagnosed in sept this year, i often end up coughing until i m neally sick but mine seems to always be dry never had coughing fit s which had mucus, hope u get sorted soon


I find when well the best thing is swimming followed by a puff of symbicourt and then a nice hot shower. Works well for me (maybe not so much for fellow swimmers).

When not so good I find having a nice soak in the shower following inhaler or neb. If you have a shower above a bath leaving the plug in seems to work better. Then do a bit of gentle physio.

Or a nice swim or surf in the sea!!!! I've recommended this to a friend with CF several times!

I think they don't recommend pure saline nebs to asthmatics as they can really aggravate your lungs. I have been given a saline neb mixed with a ventolin one in hospital before.

I would guess the saline nebs you get from the pharmacist are filter sterilised to remove both bugs and particles of dirt, fluff etc. I guess they are also accurately made up to make them isotonic or hypertonic. Apparently they are stupidly expensive for what they are.

Hope it improves soon.


Thanks guys!

Saw my GP today and she wasn't overly helpful. She said it's a chest infection as I had a temp and quite a crackly chest but she was so unhelpful! I explained that I knew it was a chest infection, and this wasn't the real problem, all these infections are because I'm not clearing my chest. I asked about home nebs etc. and she was just like no, we can't prescribe them as GP's (hmm!). Have been having hot showers and trying to do physio, but my chest feels so dry which is unusual!



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