Pred and nights out

I was just wondering if anyone knew whether drinking on pred is allowed. I searched the boards and it mentions a few times that the odd drink wont make a differnece but i was wondering if it´s ok for full on drinking.

I did look at the leaflet but like all medicines it says avoid alcohol, and i know with most im fine but just a bit worried about the pred.


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  • you could ask the pharmacist?

  • i would say you need to be careful, as pred can irritate your stomach why its important to take it with food a skinful can also cause acid probs u dont wast a stomach ulcer dont know if it effects anything else cam

  • My consultant has said it's okay. I don't drink much but when I did last week I got a really bad hangover which I haven't in the past. I don't know if this was due to the asthma meds or just bad luck.

  • Hey Annie!

    Don't worry I'm a student on long term pred and have drunk silly amounts... and it's perfectly fine, and my cons agreed! The only thing is the one time I drank to much I freaked myself out because I felt like I was going to forget to breathe.. will never do that again! So you can enjoy your big night out when your 18 :P xxx

  • Oh yes when im ´18´ of course!

  • Annie!! Naughty girl - be very careful honey - alcohol can do horrible things to you if you're not careful. I'm allergic to the stuff - nasty nasty. Take care


  • Almost gone off the stuff. Stopped when on symbicort as had nasty headaches next day after only two G&Ts. Now on different inhaler but find I've kind of gone off the notion. Just one thing - getting mighty fed up being designated driver all the time just cos I'm on Soft drinks.

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