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Any Brompton adults?


Just wondering if there were any adults out there who are under the Royal Brompton hospital?

I'm currently under kiddy care there, however have transition clinic next week after which point I'll be totally under their adult care! I'm more than ready to move on, however I've just realised how totally nervous I am! Although I've not had the easiest time I have had an amazing team behind me, and will be sad to leave them!

If anyone is under them, could I possibly ask a few questions just so I know what to expect!

Thanks :)

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I'm under the Royal Brompton. Message me if you want any info.

Hope it all goes well for you. xx


Lots of us on here!

Add my name to the list of 'grown up' Brompton-ites. I'm 30, live in south-east London, and have been under the Brompton for about 18 months now, though I've had difficult asthma since I was a child. Feel free to send a message if you've got any questions, or just if you fancy a 'pen pal' - I'll let you know next time I'm up there, and maybe we can meet in person.



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