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My consultant was away during clinic last week so i saw a differnt one but to say the least im a bit confused about the adivce he's given me. He agreed going back on atrovent would be a good step but also as a reliever this means that now when i have an attack or just feel symptomatic im supposedly to take: Symbicort 400/12 x4, salbutobol x 4 and 2 puffs of atrovent and this can be done up to 6 times a day. To me this seems ridiculous i've been on it previously QDS as a preventer and didn't even know it was a reliever. I dont know if he realise what drug it was or whether this can be done?

Im not taking it like this at the moment and will be speaking to my cons when shes back from her holiday but in the mean time does anyone have any advice because his is a bit dodgy


Annie xx

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Hi Annie. The atrovent can be used as either a relieve or a preventor. Can't explain why but my son used ot have the atrovent as a baby as a reliver and then was put on salbulamol when he seemed to develop an immunity to the atrovent. Hope this helps you a bit and hope the asthma starts improving soon


Hi Annie,

I've been put on Atrovent as a reliever too. In an attack I also am to take ventolin and atrovent. I'm on seretide as a preventer but I have to say, despite the fact that the atrovent tastes absolutely FOUL - it does help. I'm allowed to take the atrovent 2 puffs up to 4 times a day when I have symptoms.

Hope it helps you too!



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