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Accupuncture and Asthma

Well i've had a very dodgy couple of months with my asthma and as the doctors - and medicines they've been putting me on seem to be of little help my mum has decided to try accupuncture. I have one friend with awful excezma and after her last treatmetn, within two days it had literally disapperared but im not sure if the same effect would happen with asthma. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this done, or heard any feedback. Also we know it's avaible on the NHS but the wait is supposed to be very long, would it be best going private??

Many thanks


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Hi Annie

I have accupuncture on my shoulder and arm twice a month and have done for years but to date it has never had any effect on my asthma, I go private, mainly as you say the referral times are awful and there is more flexibility.



Hi there,

I had treatment for a painful shoulder, which worked wonders after only 1 session. I happened to mention the asthma to my acupuncturist and she said that she could help. However, after 4 sessions there was no improvement whatsoever.




I've gone to accupuncture a bit since college, but went back a year ago. I had this period of time where my pulmonologist thought I didn't have asthma (because I have a second breathing issue) and took me off of all my asthma inhalers. It was frankly awful in retrospect. I was wheezing constantly, so i ended up going for accupuncture weekly for about a year. I think it really helped a lot. In the end I'm definitely back on preventive inhalers too, because I think they work the best, but I find accupuncture to be relaxing, and sometimes I can avoid taking pred. because being able to relax and breath makes a huge difference. I also find a lot of doctors here in the states don't deal very well with feelings (is it just me?) and I find my accupuncturist to be wonderful, because he really cares about this too. So it's just nice to know someone who will listen a bit and who is invested in my health. So however it helps, I'm just happy to have found something that makes me quality of life better. I also go for migraines, when they get really bad, and it's quite amazing sometimes.

Hope this helps.



I have had 12 sessions of acupuncture on my shoulder as I have had a lot of nerve pain, helped a lot for the pain. My asthma hasn't deteriorated in the hot weather as it normally does, so I believe that it does work. I go privately with a physio who i have been to for over a year.


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