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First consultant appointment, what to expect?!

After yet another admission the hosptial have finally agreed to move my appointment forward with the consultant so i shall be seein her this tuesday! What should i expect from a first appointment, do you just talk or have lung function tests? I'm a bit nervous i've had so many doctors saying theres not a lot they can do, so it will be nice seeing someone who knows what they're doing!


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Hey Annie

Before the appointment the nurse will usually check your weight and height, some places also check your blood pressure, oxygen saturation percentage and heart rate. Usually they start off noting down your history, current treatment, what you have been like recently and do peakflows/spirometry.Then depending on the consultant they may also listen to your chest too, some don't I've found. They may start you on different treatments such as a change of an inhaler if that is appropiate for example. Don't worry hopefully the consultant should find something that will help you, there are still plenty of things to try and if he or she feels they can't manage your asthma they may refer you to a difficult asthma clinic at one of the regional specialist centres like Heartlands in Birmingham, The Royal Brompton in London for example, they are experts in severe and brittle asthma and will do alot more testing than a consultant might usually do at a local hospital. Hopefully your consultant will be able to put you on the right combination of medication to help gain control of your asthma without you needing to be referred to a dificult asthma clinic.

if you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.

Simi x


Hey chick,

Just wanted to say i hope your appointment goes well, you sound like your've been having a crazy last few months with your lungs so I really hope your consultant will sort you out! My consultant is lovely, and has been a lifesaver (quite litterally) for me so I hope yours turns out to be just as good. On your first appointment different consultants do different things, but they tend to try and get an idea of whats been going on, and possibly change or add on a treatment. They may also refer you to other people such as the respiritory nurses or for some physio, or send you for some test such as lung function, just to try and get an idea of how you are! Btw it might be an idea to have someone with you to give you some support as the fist appointment might feel rather scary, (but I understand you have some probs with your rents and them understanding your asthma so perhaps someone who your more comfortable with?) ooo, and take a pen and paper, and a list of questions you want to ask! Think thats everything I can think of... Let us know how thursday goes!

ally x


Bumped up for Gloves.


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