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Different PEF charts?

Ok silly question really but I am a stickler for details. Does anyone know why there are two different PEF Scales? There is the EU and the Wright-McKerrow. When I put ""male"" in the values were hardly different at all but when I tried to find out what I ""should"" be getting it came out nearly 50ml different.

Dont get me wrong I realise we are all different, i was just wondering why they were different and which one you all refer to (and why)...

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Ok can answer my own question, lol God Bless Google!

So basically my old PF meter was Wright-McKerrow and my new one is EU so that would be why I am blowing slightly less than my old PEF max of low 500s, now am blowing 450 when feeling well (after meds) Morning is 320/340 atm and then midday is 450 (:-) ) mostly thanks to long-acting reliever. Was getting worried that my lungs werent going to get over this easily, but I am not too far off where I should be! Yey!


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