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No Pollen=no asthma

Well my asthma seems to have disappeared now the pollen has gone. I've weaned off the seretide and the becotide and my PF is holding up and I have no real symptoms. This will probably make many of you want to throw things at me as I can see lots of you are suffering out there. Hope things improve for you all, and thanks for the support over the summer as I got to grips with it all. Sonja

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Hi redsonja,

that's great news and I'm glad you feel this well now.

I used to be like that, summer months were dreadful due to the hayfever and then I never had any asthma symptoms during the winter months:-)

Still carry your reliever with you, just in case.

All the best

love Lydia


So glad things have calmed down for you, you'll be hoping winter lasts forever!!

See you next year then!! LOL

Take care xxx


Thats great news, like Lydia said, still keep your blue handy just in case and sort out restarting your inhalers in plenty of time for the pollen season next year. Take care xx


Thats great news.Hope you have a good winter hope with no problems.Love Glynis x


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