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Anyone been anywhere on holiday that has really helped your asthma?

Saw the Asthma UK blog about holidays and impact on symptoms. I'm just back from a fabulous sunny week by the beach in Northumberland. I felt so much better and my family noticed my symptoms dissapeared over the week. I'm back home now, lots of pollution and probably work stress, and symptoms popping up again.

Maybe we can come up with the ultimate holiday destination for asthma sufferers?!


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ooh, that would be nice! :)

we should all go live there and never go back to school/work/england :))

but first we gotta decide a place....

i'm off to st. Malo in france in 2 hours :D

will let you know if i find a difference

megan xx


Antarctica is dust mite free but a bit expensive to get to!

I was fairly well in the Falklands (South Atlantic ocean, one of the subantarctic islands) - no air pollution! Oh and no ozone layer either!




Went to Jamaica despite a cold front and a day of terrential rain, no problems with the asthma surprisingly, I stay a few months too. It was beautiful , nice sea and sand, rivers and parties and everything nice to eat. I lost weight and got a extra tan. Its not cheap but worth it.



Going to Majorca in a few weeks, will see how it goes!!


noticed the difference in iceland (when not near rekjavik/eyafyalloyokull) but for me almost anywhere more countryside, except devon/cornwall area where i was worse if anything! i think we deserve holidays on the NHS :)


I'm lucky enough to live within driving distance of the coast. Went to Aberwysth (apologies for the spelling) for the day on Wednesday and couldn't believe the difference in my breathing. Not sure if it was getting away from the normal routinue or the sea air but had a decent night sleep for the first time in months. Am now considering the salt pipes which are being advertised, bit worried as the improvement at the coast could have just been a one off and there are so many devices out there which are meant to help so am still undecided. Has anyone tried the salt pipes? Would be interested in anyone else's experiences.

Will definately try a trip to the coast again if chest gets bad and nothing else helps. Shame it was too cold to swim but at least I've seen the sea this year. Even spoke about retiring to the coast when the time comes (wishful thinking as still a long way till retirement and have to get well to go back to work to consider this)

Take care



North coast of Scotland was best - Scourie to Durness. No problems except for the night when a micro light arrived on the beach. Diesel fumes. Phooey.

I'm lucky enough to live less than an hours drive to the Ayrshire coast. Its good too.


Anywhere out of the Thames Valley (where I live/work in term time) is good for me. I have a cottage in Suffolk - 100m from a tidal saltwater river and not far from the coast - and rarely have to think about Ventolin while here.

Denver & environs is also good for me (I wonder whether the high altitude is relevant?) and when we go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina (a long string of barrier islands in the Atlantic) each Easter, all is well there - there is a local tree that shucks off lots of pollen there (it's on the cars each morning) although that doesn't seem to affect me.


I always find that when I go on holiday to Gasteiner Tal in Austria my asthma is a lot better, I think it must be the lovely mountain air that helps


Hi sonja,

I've had a really bad year with my asthma and was a bit worried going camping the other week. Was on a campsite near Scarborough right near the sea and was nearly symptom free all week!

Fresh sea air works wonders for me and it doesn't have to be abroad.

Love Lydia x


I found Australia and New Zealand was fantastic for my asthma. I had very few problems with my lungs while I was over there. It was fantastic.


i didn't really notice a diference in france.....



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