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Hi everyone im new to this so here goes lol

I have been an asthamtic all my life and as a child i had an asthma attack on a regular basis like every 4-6 weeks without fail i then grew older and moved out of belfast to the country and my asthma improved for a while and didnt need such regular doctors help. I then developed the nut allergie and other allergies which can trigger asthma so i was extra careful as my nut allergie can be fatal if i consume nuts. crazy like but i got used to as it happened as such a young age but feel free to let me know if crunchy nut cornflakes are nice ive never tasted them you see lol so we moved back to belfast and the asthma settled for some years and i was able to play as a child like football and hopscotch without much aid of an inhaler. Foolishly i then gave into peer pressure and smoke my first ciggarette and deeply regret it but ofcourse as we all know ciggarettes and asthma not a good combination lol so i reached my twenties and all was going well except for my inhalers being changed every now and then due to new laws or such bull lol but we moved out of belfast again towards the coast in county down and from ive moved 6 months ago my asthma has been so hard to control i was put on singular and it helped for a while sent for an allergie test im allergie to trees grass blah blah blah otherwise known as hayfever lol so this seemed to go down hill after 2 weeks went to hospital with an attack and was taken off ventolin and becotide and put on symibcort and ventolin didnt help courses upon course of steroids.helps for a while then back to square one. Last night i thought id sit in and watch a film have a nice alcholic beverage when i took an attack and was rushed to hostpital was searched for clots and freaked out big time was only there for asthma no clots found but was given a new tablet neulon and i was wondering does anyone know if it works or not and i seriously hope it does cause the cuddley affect of the steroids is melting my head big time and getting me down. :( sorry about the rant but let me know everyone x Also happy and wheezy free 2009 fellow asthmatics x

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Hello Vee and welcome again,

Sorry your having a rough time at the mo.

Regards the new tablet, Nuelin, is theophyllin which is a tablet based bronchodilator with some anti inflamatory effects too. It does not cause the 'Cuddly effect' (I like that term!!) that steroids cause but it does have some other side effects, please read the leaflet that comes with it.

In some people it is very good, I take Uniphylline which is another brand and that helps. If it does help you, you need to stick to that brand, nuelin as different brands are absorbed at different rates and can either reduce the dose or cause a bigger dose than you are used to being absorbed and hence side effects.

Please ask more questions and there is a wealth of knowlege and experience here to help on asthma and also allergies too!


PS Crunchie Nut cornflakes are .... very tasty, but full of sugar! LOL!


Hi Kate,

The hospital didnt give me a leaflet but ive an appointment with my doctor shortly lol cant sleep at the moment with the asthma. Im also on steroids as well so more cuddles lol I heard that neulin helps to lose weight but thats not a side affect thats a reward for the crap we put up with lol do you know off hand any side affects i should be concerned about thanks Kate



Hello I doubt that Nuelin will help with weight loss.

The general side effects of Theophyllines are as follows:

headache, nausea. If these are severe you need to see your GP ASAP as there is a very narrow margin between a therapeutic dose ( one that works) and a toxic dose. Try looking at the BNF web site but please don't scare yourself. The headache & nausea should be a good warning.

Also, if you take them twice daily, make sure you space them around 12 hrs and it helps to take them on top of food as they can also make your stomach grouchy.




seriously feel ill everytime i take them ive set alarms in my phone so i get up and take them early and then take one exactly 12 hours later. They make me feel sick all the time i cant even stand the smell of food by boyfriend has grown quiet concerned cause of my lack of interest in food hes worried about me getting sick again but they are not the most plesant of tablet at all. Oh about my blog about mentioning balloons i seriously dont recommend them at the time of an attack I meant when you feel ok and then you can regulate your breathing slowly and get used to a pattern it does help and i find so does medataion and relaxing even sticking in my mp3 player and reading lol went a bit of the subject lol


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