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Hi everyone im new to this so here goes lol

I have been an asthamtic all my life and as a child i had an asthma attack on a regular basis like every 4-6 weeks without fail i then grew older and moved out of belfast to the country and my asthma improved for a while and didnt need such regular doctors help. I then developed the nut allergie and other allergies which can trigger asthma so i was extra careful as my nut allergie can be fatal if i consume nuts. crazy like but i got used to as it happened as such a young age but feel free to let me know if crunchy nut cornflakes are nice ive never tasted them you see lol so we moved back to belfast and the asthma settled for some years and i was able to play as a child like football and hopscotch without much aid of an inhaler. Foolishly i then gave into peer pressure and smoke my first ciggarette and deeply regret it but ofcourse as we all know ciggarettes and asthma not a good combination lol so i reached my twenties and all was going well except for my inhalers being changed every now and then due to new laws or such bull lol but we moved out of belfast again towards the coast in county down and from ive moved 6 months ago my asthma has been so hard to control i was put on singular and it helped for a while sent for an allergie test im allergie to trees grass blah blah blah otherwise known as hayfever lol so this seemed to go down hill after 2 weeks went to hospital with an attack and was taken off ventolin and becotide and put on symibcort and ventolin didnt help courses upon course of steroids.helps for a while then back to square one. Last night i thought id sit in and watch a film have a nice alcholic beverage when i took an attack and was rushed to hostpital was searched for clots and freaked out big time was only there for asthma no clots found but was given a new tablet neulon and i was wondering does anyone know if it works or not and i seriously hope it does cause the cuddley affect of the steroids is melting my head big time and getting me down. :( sorry about the rant but let me know everyone x Also happy and wheezy free 2009 fellow asthmatics x

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