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cuddly affect

I have had the cuddly affect now for some time due to long usage of steriods, i have been on and off mostly on steriods for boarding 2 year mark. Now my boyfriend is amazing and tells me there is more to cuddle and he loves me no matter what and i believe him because if he was not happy he would say, he was works with a gental man from india and ive met him and he really is so nice and a really gental man and very polite and very humbling to meet.

He was telling me that in india because people do so much yoga and exercises of this nature that asthma is on the decline. He also told me that were he lives is very busy and populated so therefore a lot of fumes from cars and that and one of his relatives has asthma but keeps it control by yoga and exercising and mediating and has also been told to stay clear from dairy products and to drink goats milk and soya milk and alternatives and also his relative also takes some natural liquorice every day and it is also benefical to the lungs so i just thought i should share this with you all and maybe if we tried some of these things we could help come of steriods get rid of the cuddly affect and take over kate moss job i claim that my skinny clothes line goes in Primark :) couldnt beat with a stick lol x

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Cuddly affect

Hi Vee, sorry to hear of your trip! thanks for the tip on yoga anythings worth a try, also I dont drink cows milk as it makes my nose stream I drink soya and have found a dairy free cheese called cheezly which is ok. I shall go to find a yoga class.

Take care Suzy.


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