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Anyone want to chat? (Through this website!!)


I'm Annabelle, 24, and my husband has asthma.

He's had it mildly since he was a child but over the last year its been getting a lot worse.

We're learning to deal with it and hes getting it under control but its still quite scary at times.

If anyone wants to message with me to exchange advice etc, that'd be great.

I'm trying to learn as much as possible!




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Might I suggest that, in the first instance, you ask for any help that you require (and offer any that you have to give) directly on the boards, rather than relying solely on the messaging service?

That way, it's much easier to get advice from a lot of different people at the same time, and what one person says may spur others on to offer additional advice on the same topic. The ""we're all in this together!"" spirit that prevails on this board is what makes it so fantastic, and can only really be benefitted from when everyone can join in with the discussion.



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