not doing well

I m sorry to be a bother tonight, having received some very upsetting personal news I a,

m quite poorly and out of ideas. Very wheezy, tight, coughing and struggling to speak in complete sentences. Usual meds arent working and I m too stubborn to go to costa due to being floored my the upsetting news. I am just quite tired of it all really and I dont want to go through this. Sorry I m a weepy mess :( Sigh

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  • Massive hugs Jasmine, and hope things start to pick up again soon!!

    On another note though, you really shouldnt leave your asthma that late if your feeling the pressure of not being able to talk very well!

    Could you not atleast go to the out of hours GP just to get checked over!?

    Virtual hugs ((((()))))


  • Dear Charlie,

    Thank you for the kind response and the virtual hugs. I m on my own and not able to take myself any where at the moment, getting down the staircase I can see as being quite problematic sigh. I ll admit its my fault its gotten to this stage, when I m stressed and crying things go down hill very quickly and I m also very worried. Thank you for our response. How has your night been thus far?

  • sorry to hear you're having a rough time. its awful when life is causing problems, and then your lungs throw a strop as well!

    you sound like you are really struggling and meds arent working. please dont let your asthma get worse, especially if you are on your own ... you can always call the green meanies (999) if you cant take yourself somewhere.


    B x

  • Hi Jasmine,

    Really sorry to hear you've had bad news and aren't doing well.

    You need to see someone asap though, and if you can't go to OOH yourself it may need to be an ambulance. I would at the very least call OOH and ask them to send someone over ASAP, but tbh if you are really struggling you should probably just call an ambulance yourself!

    Not what you need right now I know, but please don't leave it, call someone now!

  • Dear Philomela and B,

    Thank you for your responses. Looks like the green meanies would be my last resort but I dont want to go its all quite disconcerting really, but yes if it gets any worse I wont delay. Once again thank you *hugs*

  • Oh Jasmine, not sure I can say anymore but I think you know the answer really. As the others have said, get help of some sort even if you ring the OOH GPs.

    For future reference, there is a 999 text service worth looking up and registering for in the future.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Hi Jasmine,

    Just because you phone the ambulance doesn't mean you have to go to hospital, they may be able to treat you just at home, or you can chose not to go to hospital with them.


  • Do hope you got sorted and feel a little better too.


  • Hi Jasmine,

    Hope you have seen someone.

    I know it's hard but when you are poorly with the symptoms you describe you MUST seek medical help immediately. Don't mess with's not worth it.

    Hugs my dear


  • Dear all,

    My most sincere apologies for causing such trouble, it stems from my fear of hospitals really. Unfortunately went into A&E got some nebs which helped a great deal and am now home resting and trying to stay calm. Thank you for understanding and for the kind words and encouragement. Hugs> Have a good night. Thank you

  • Jasmine, youve caused no trouble, we are here to support one glad you are feeling that bit better though!!


  • So glad you got some help and are feeling a bit better!

    No worries you didnt cause trouble ... I know how hard it can be to be objective when the last thing you want is to go to hospital!

    Hope things continue to improve for you!

    B x

  • Dear B and Charlie,

    How are you doing tonight? Thank you so very much for your support and kind words. I am currently resting a bit shaky but thankfully breathing much easier. I hope everyone has a pleasant night and an enjoyable week. Thank you all. :) *sends hugs*

  • I am so pleased you got some help and now breathing a bit better

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