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cleaning chemicals and asthma

My asthma is triggered by household chemicals ( amongst other things ), particularly the sprays used for scrubbing bathrooms and tubs. However in spite of know this and various members of my household witnessing my rapid decine into fits of coughing, gasping for breath and even falling over due to not being able to breathe. I have been told its just to avoid doing household chores and this maddens me terribly, so what to do, simple so against medical advice and use the chemicals on a weekly basis, spend days recovering and enduring the ventolin shakes and the like just to please everyone. I m rubbish at the moment as a result of it and my asthma has been getting progressively worse now on symbicort, singular and ventolin. I am frustrated as having to put up with the constant arguments at home and always having to appease everyone and then as a result have stripy lungs. I m so frustrated and tried and bloody shakes don't help. Just a rant. I m knackered and fuming and cant stop shaking.

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Hi Jasmine, sounds rubbish! You'd think your family would be more sympathetic especially seeing you suffering with your asthma every time!

I wonder if a solution could be to get some different cleaning products? Oddly enough though I am asthmatic and my housemate is not as far as she knows, I am fine with most normal products but she is allergic to most of them, they make her cough, so we use special 'eco' ones. I don't think they are too expensive and they do actually work, to my surprise! Probably better for me too. I will look the name up when I get home and post it on here as other members may be interested too.

I would give them a try; maybe easier said than done but I would say to the rest of your household that either you all use the asthma-friendly sprays to clean (if they work), you all chip in for a cleaner, or you just cannot do your share of the housework. You should not have to spend days recovering because of the housework!


Hi Jasmine,

I was wondering is it fully the cleaning fluids that your reacting to or is it the actual cleaning activity? I can't clean the bath personally without coughing and being short of breath as I struggle bending over.

I seem to be OK using Cillit Bang All Purpose cleaner, doesn't seem to bring on the coughing too much ... but I've found the best way to clean the bath is to spray the cleaner all over it, open the window and leave it for 10-15 mins then go back and use the shower head to rinse it off. Or get the boyfriend to do it hehehe :)

Jill x



I have a problem with some of those stronger sprays with bleach etc in them. You could try looking up on the internet for some natural cleaning materials and how to mix and use them. More 4's ""How Clean is your House"" programme with Kim and Aggie is good too for suggestions. I have their book and it gives recipes for using stuff like white vinegar, lemon juice, bicarb of soda, salt, lavender oil. All those sort of things can be really effective and should not aggravate your lungs. Plus they are miles cheaper than the artificial chemical products. Or get someone else to do the cleaning! I wish.



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