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worsening asthma symptoms

Good night all,

I hope everyone is well and breathing easily tonight :) Just a quick question,as of late I ve been having a very difficult time managing my asthma, I cant seem to pinpoint what has made it flare up so badly, as I type this I m coughing continuously and very tight chested, its been almost a week and still no improvement in symptoms, which wake me each night ( if I get any rest at all its short lived). Theres a construction site near my home and renovations at work, as well as stressful job situation, could these me contributing. I feel so tired of it all, I ve been using copious amounts of blue and little to no relief , at my wits end. Sigh. Have a pleasant night.


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Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. Get yourself checked out by the GP as you may have a chest infection. Your symptoms sound similar to mine and I am on antibiotics for yet another infection. You mustn't let these symptoms continue untreated. You also need to work out what your triggers are so you can maybe anticipate when you may get worse or avoid them if possible. Sounds like you may need extra medication anyway such as a preventer inhaler. Once your symptoms are better managed and your chest is clearer you will also qualify for the flu jab. I'm not medically qualified so you need to go to someone who is! Hope you feel better soon. Karen.


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