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terrible flare up in need of a rant

Dear All,

I hope Nellie and Steve/ their counterparts are being well behaved and the number of sleepless nights are few and far between. I ve been taking inventory in two dust filled rooms for the past week and my asthma has been going downhill since monday, despite many complaints and attempts to remain at home my mother has sent me off to work yet again saying its all in my head and its time I grow up and realise I dont have asthma. That in itself is frustrating to deal with, coupled with the constant coughing , tight chested feeling and difficulty breathing its proving to be rather annoying and taking copious amounts of blue to minimally hold things together. I m so shaky it takes ages to get though my work and the cough is absolutely dreadful. Also its hayfever season so no help there, sigh I m just bloody tired and very frustrated. End of rant. Cheers.


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oh no that doesn't sound good. I guess there's not that much you can do about your mum's attitude - though if you end up in costa (and I hope you don't) maybe she'll change her mind.

What about work though - could you explain the problem and ask to do something else? Your employer I believe does have a duty of care not to make you do things that will make you ill, so maybe if you identify another job that needs doing and ask if you could switch to that? It's in their interest too not to have you off sick!


Oh you poor thing! Nothing much to be said about your mother and her attitude is there? A combination of dust and pollen sounds horrible and no wonder you are having a flare up! Work wants sorting out it is dangerous for you to continue the way you are. Any chance of wearing a filter face mask if you really do have to go in to work?? Hope you get sorted soon.


Hi jasmine,

I totally empathize about your mother, mine was like it all my life until about a year ago when she saw me having a bad attack in costa and actually saw for herself how bad it can get.

For many year I just 'got on with it' but that attitude has damaged my lungs so I do urge you to take your asthma seriously despite of your mother's beliefs and feelings.

Philomela is right, could you ask to do another job?

I wish you luck and hope your lungs settle down soon.



jasmine, its not in your head, I was lucky enough to have a mum who herself suffered badly with asthma, so she fully understood what I was going through. You need to speak to your employers, as under health and safety you cant be expected to work in circumstances that are going to make you ill. Get some information leaflets to show to your mum, even use scare tactics - explain how many people have asthma attacks that leave them seriously ill or even fatal attacks. Ask her to come on the asthma uk website to find out more info - hope you feel better soon xxx Janey xxx


I agree with everything Joshark has said. Your Mum needs to be told exactly what you are dealing with - maybe your GP could help with this. If nothing else, get your GP to sign you off for a few days so that she can see that your condition is taken seriously by somebody who ought to know.

Good luck with it.



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