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Chest pain while breathing in


I'm new to this, but I'm curious about something.

I've has asthma for as long as I can remember, but I haven't had much problems for years now.

Lately I have been experiencing constant chest pain while inhaling deeply. I've experienced this before, but then it has only lasted for a day or two, but now it has lasted for weeks. It doesn't bother me that much, only when I inhale deeply (which I don't do every time), but still. When I inhale it feels like my lungs are inside a hard box or something, and the walls of the box are stopping my lungs from inhaling any more air, even though there is room for a lot. The pain starts in my lower chest, and moves up to the top, i guess as the lungs fill up with air (?). The pain gets worse when i lie down or change positions, and it is pretty annoying.

Either way, I'm not looking for any medical advice here. I am just curious if this is something that is normal for people with asthma (you know, it feels like someone is sitting on your chest), or if anyone has experienced anything like this?

Just to be a bit more descriptive: the pain isn't sharp or anything, it's more like someone really heavy is sitting on top of you, or someone is squeecing your arm really hard (not pinching).

I use symbicort regularly, (and the doctor tells me to increase the dose when needed, like when i get sick, or during allergy season), but I haven't felt like it is necessary to increase the dose since i'm perfectly capable of breathing, it's just that it hurts.



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Have you had it checked out? I have constant pain in my left lung. I am never free of it. Various doctors have said it's muscle strain from so much coughing over the years. I'm not convinced although it is much much worse when I have a chest infection. I just live with it and take painkillers now and again.


Hi Ive got same problem but sometimes it's my other lung. I've just gone back on oral steroids, hope that will help as I've been like this since Christmas and well fed up.

Hope you feel better soon



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