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I am finding it almost inpossable to control my asthma.Monday was a really good day,with my pf at 500.Then monday night it droped like a stone to 320.Is this normal.Im not sure if the weather has any thing to do with it.As i said once before i find it hard to admit i have asthama and the hold it has on my life.Back in march i could run for 1 hour 4 times a week.Now i find it hard just getting on with life.If any one has any tips i would be greatfull for them

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Hi Russell,

First of all, welcome to AUK. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a hard time recently. The best thing to do would be to return to your GP or asthma nurse to discuss everything you've posted here, and to keep going back if you're still having problems! For most people, it should be possible to control symptoms so that asthma doesn't interfere with work, sport, travel and socialising, so it's best to persevere in this respect.

Peak flow readings dropping like a stone at night are a sign of poor control - this isn't normal (ideally pf should read at least 80% of best) and it's important to let your doctor and asthma nurse know that this is happening, so that treatment can be stepped up if necessary. Running and exercise induced asthma have been discussed in a few threads and these can be accessed using the Search box on the left.

Hope this helps, do keep posting as these forums are a good source of support, and turn on your inbox if you don't mind receiving Personal Messages.

Hugs and best wishes,



Tip no. 1 - Go and see your GP! This really is the best starting point. In answer to your question, peak flows dropping like a stone is generally not normal at any time, and at night particularly it tends to be a marker of poorly controlled asthma. You are right in that the weather may have something to do with it, but if you can get your asthma under control with the help of meds (you don't say what you're on at the moment though), then you should be less affected.

Make an appointment to see your local friendly GP or asthma nurse - they should be only too willing to check you over and help.



Sorry it has taken so long for me to get to the forum.But i have been really unwell.My GP to a Specialist.All i can say is how great the treatment has been for me.I now understand my asthma and it is not ruling my life.

The specialist advised Seretide 250 2puff Twice daily,Flixotide 250 2puffs 2x daily, Intal 2puff 2x daily,(this last inhaler has changed my life )Prednisolone 5md 6 daily,singulair and salamol.

Please if you are not being listened to go back and find a GP that will.Its your body and you know when some thing is not right.

I hope if you read this it helps



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