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Great North Run 2008

I'm running the Great North this year for the first time and thought I'd try and find anybody else doing likewise??

I'm currently running about 4 mls each time in training, looking to phase it up to the full 13 soon. It's proving pretty difficult so far but I didn't expect any less!

My biggest concern at the moment are the hills in Newcastle, as there aren't that many nearby to train on.

Anyway, would be good to hear from anyone who's also in training and would like to swap training tales/fundraising tips etc.

James (25, West Mids)

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Hi James,

Good on yer!

I am not doing but have done it about 6 times in the past & run regualarly every week.

I live in N'cle so everywhere we train is either hilly on the way out/back or both.

However, the hills are not that bad they are more rises than hills EXCEPT the last on at about 11 miles. By then you are very tired & it will hurt.But after that is the down hill which can be just a painfull so you will need to take it steady. However, then you have the sea view & only a few hundred meters left & the crowd will get you going. Put your name on the FRONT of your t-shirt so they can egg you on.

Dont try to increase too much (only 10% increase a week & that is either distance OR speed not both). If you keep going you do have plenty of time. Download a trainig schedule from sites such as Runners world or buy the monthly magazine.

If you live in a flat area try the stairs somewhere like a sports stadium or better still on the day you have more time take a trip out somewhere where there is a hill. Run up & down to get your legs used to it.

Take a friend to egg you on or join a running group they are not just for the elite runner. Slow & steady that is the clue. Follow your training schedule & you will

be fine. And if you are asthmatic dont forget to fill in the information on the back of your number & dont forget to take you full reliever with you & take it before.



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