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tablet pred vs orodispersible pred

I was just wondering. i have had half my colon removed, and suffer from chronic diarhea. the last spirometry tests showed that i was not correctly absorbing the pred tablets, so have now been changed to the type that melt on your tongue. though im not sure what difference this would make, does it go straight to your blood stream or still through the digestive system? i've had another chest infection since last night (it came on very suddenly) and my usual GP (who is only just getting used to weird me since i started seeing him regularly in september) was off sick, so a random other GP came, but did not feel comfortable prescribing extra pred. so i just have antibiotics, paracetemol and throat sweets...

at least the paracetemol has brought my fever down a little, a few hours ago i was not at all well enough to log in etc. am wheezing a lot and pf very low, my mum keeps encouraging me to go to AandE or ring a blunce, but obviously i dont relish this idea....

hope youre all ok in this awful winter season! thanks for any info on the tablet types!

all the best.

Rose xxx

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ive never heard of pred tablets that dissolve on your tongue ... only tabs and dissolveable ... interesting!!

but with regards to meds in general that dissolve on your tongue, the idea is that they get quicker into your blood stream by being absorbed through the buccal membrane (your gums/under tongue) to blood vessels, rather than as you said through your digestive tract (as you dont swallow them).

sorry to hear you've woken up with another chest infection ... i hope you feel better soon!

B x


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