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Fed up (Rant!)

just need to vent. i received in the post confirmation on saturday of the tumour on my spinal cord, am now completely wheelchair bound, wich is very demanding. also return of the skin ulcers, so repostponed surgery, and waiting on derm consult. then today got a fever again, so missed lessons and chaplaincy. it just never ends, things keep cropping up, coming back when they were suppossed to be fixed... cant see neurosurgeon till march, and really worried that they will just give up on me, to live as a paraplegic for the rest of my life.

sorry for the moan, not really asthma related either...i hope everyone else is hanging in there!

Rose xxx

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With all that I think you're entitled to moan and rant! Hope they do fix these things soon. I presume the tumour is benign or they'd be moving a lot more quickly? But still not a good thing to have on your spine esp if it's keeping you in a wheelchair.

Virtual hugs, PM me any time for a rant/moan. xxx


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